September 24th, 2006


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I was going to write a continuation of my previous entry. I did say that I would post more yesterday, but as it was, time ran away from me. Today, despite the fact the first portion of the continuation is written and the bare bones of the rest is already well established in my mind, I just don't feel like completing it. I really need to write an essay anyway; my time would be better invested there this evening.

However, I still feel like updating LiveJournal. I feel like talking about music, and so I shall.

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And, just like a couple of days ago, I was going to write more but I really need to get on with other stuff, so I'll end my entry with just a brief note. It's no secret that I've become very interested in most things prog and metal, but I have also lately found myself becoming increasingly intrigued by post-rock. My initial entry to the genre came via various types of instrumental metal, from instrumental prog to sludge and drone doom, and post-rock has really captivated the side of me that appreciates atmosphere and soundscapes, the side of me that makes U2's The Unforgettable Fire my favourite album of all time due to the strong and cohesive atmosphere that flows throughout the entire record (bizarre to compare a U2 album to post-rock, but it works in my mind). I particularly find instrumentals very conducive to creativity and focus when writing.

Have a good one, folks.