August 29th, 2006

God Part II

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I wonder what it says about you when you listen to progressive death metal to relax. I do feel much more calm and at ease after listening to an hour of Opeth, though.

Today was an interesting day, though tiring. I hate Tuesdays, mainly because I have four consecutive hours of class, of which only one is entertaining. Though today, my history tutorial was pretty interesting too as we visited the university's Classics museum. It isn't exactly the largest museum known to man, but it's really quite fascinating. It's a room in one of the university's buildings that displays various artefacts from ancient cultures: there's everything from a 1st century AD Roman gravestone for an eight year old girl through to some kind of official seal from Ur and an Egyptian mummy mask and a couple of mummified hands. There was also quite an array of pottery, small implements, and coins; I was rather fascinated by the whole thing.

Also, during my Turning Points In World History lecture, when the topic of the Reformation came up, I was pondering how it's such a shame how divided Christianty is and it's quite amazing the influence a few prominent figures had on the religion. I cannot imagine that sort of thing happening today; there are too many voices competing for our attention. And there seems to be far too little will to actually do something about the fragmentary nature of Christianity. It seems to me that new denominations keep cropping up everywhere because no-one seems able or tolerant enough to accept any difference whatsoever. I can understand some divisions, but it seems to me that things are just a bit out of control now.

I'd like to end on a happy note: I only discovered the tracklisting for Porcupine Tree's upcoming DVD today, and I am delighted to see that Buying New Soul and Mother And Child Divided have both made it onto the DVD. However, I don't suppose I'll actually be able to afford to buy it or Dream Theater's latest DVD for a while yet.