August 23rd, 2006

Edge of the world

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You can tell it's election season in Queensland. Every item of mail I received today was some sort of election campaign leaflet. "Local MP working hard", "local MP can't get the facts right", "Peter Beattie must go", "Liberals/Nationals can't govern themselves, let alone Queensland", and on it goes. Well, I already know who I am going to vote for. When I get my voting slip, I'm going to write across it "give me some decent candidates and I'll give you a decent vote". I seriously considered voting against Peter Beattie just because he's been in power for eight years and I'm sick of him for a good number of reasons, but none of the minor parties inspire anything in me and the Liberals and Nationals are pretty much everything I dislike: socially conservative and economically liberal. To hell with compulsory voting. I don't see why I should vote when not one of the candidates has done anything to earn my vote. I'm not looking forward to next year's federal election. Do I follow this year's state election strategy of demanding a decent candidate, or do I suck it up and bring myself to vote for Labour in the hopes that it gets rid of John Howard? Australian politics is in a terrible state. That said, politics in general has always been in a bad state. There's only one politician I can say I truly like and that would be Julius Vogel, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1873-1875 and again in 1876, a brilliant man well ahead of his time. I do also admire David Lange (NZ PM 1984-1989) in some respects, especially his excellent public speaking ability and his wit; my favourite example would be his comment to the US ambassador, who owned a racehorse named Lacka Reason: "you are the only ambassador in the world to race a horse named after your country's foreign policy."

Now, while it may be obvious that it is election season here, some other seasons aren't quite so obvious. I'm specifically referring to winter, which seems to have packed up its bags and moved south. Today's highest temperature? 26.3 (79.34F)! Yesterday's? 26.9 (80.42)! The lowest daytime temperature all bloody month has been 21.1 (69.98F). This might as well be summertime in Wellington. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that August is the third month of winter, not the third month of Slightly Cooler Than Summer. It shouldn't even be allowed to hit 20 at this time of year. I hate living in Queensland so bloody much. The weather could at least do us a favour and rain. I can't remember the last time I saw green grass.

Now to stop procrastinating and do some work for university. Woo. Hoo.