August 22nd, 2006

Fawlty Towers

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There truly needs to be some kind of standard to ensure that lecturers can actually, you know, lecture. For one of my courses, the lecturer is a guy who drones on in a dull monotone and bores me out of my mind, and he makes really weird noises after sipping water that make me want to yell out "move away from the microphone when you drink!" I've started to consider skipping lectures as I'm not getting much out of them except frustration, but I went today because we had a guest lecturer. "Fantastic," I think, "it can't be hard to be better than the normal guy!" Evidently, it can be. We got stuck

with a guy who

struggled to


his sentences. It was especially awful when his train of thought changed tracks mid-sentence, or he just appeared to have forgotten what he was going to say (paused too long, perhaps?). And it really didn't help that he spoke in a dull semi-mumbling monotone that made the regular guy seem positively enthralling. I was mentally completing his sentences for him. It was particularly annoying when he would pause with just one word to go: "they didn't think it ... ... ... ... was". The worst part? He spoke at length about Darfur. I never thought anyone could make me disinterested in the plight of Darfur, but all I was interested in was getting out of that lecture theatre. I nearly left early, but I couldn't bring myself to be that rude. Truly, is it that hard to ensure lecturers are decent public speakers? I'm paying good money to go to university, so I don't expect to be stuck listening to people with the charisma and enthusiasm of tofu.

I'm honestly disappointed with this semester thus far. Last semester, for all the complaining I did about not being mentally stimulated, I had great tutorials and good lecturers apart from the Asian guy whose English was sub-standard to say the least. This semester, I've struck a couple of really dull and lifeless lecturers, one tutorial where no-one wants to participate (I suppose I should've known what I was in for with a 9am Monday tute), and one tutorial that turns into a pseudo-lecture from a tutor who clearly aspires to be a lecturer one day soon. And on top of it all, I feel as if a couple of my courses are poorly organised. I'm frustrated. But at least my Politics of Development lectures are fantastic and always get me thinking.

And I should have been studying instead of writing this entry, but let's all give a quick yay for procrastination. Yay!