August 18th, 2006

October Edge II

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University lately has been starting to get quite busy. I'm a bit ticked off with a couple of assignments I have due next week; for one, I have to provide an annotated bibliography and for the other, I have to provide an essay outline with bibliography. This just isn't the way I work. So I'm writing the first drafts of the essays now. They kind of suck, but it'll get the bibliographies done and I'll have 1.5-2 months to improve the essays.

I'd also like to state my delight that the G3 tour is coming to Australia, featuring Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Dream Theater's John Petrucci (and the folks at seem pretty certain Mike Portnoy will accompany Petrucci as his drummer). The Brisbane show is evidently on the 29th of November, just a couple of days after I get back from a weekend in New Zealand. Great timing, and November will be a good month for music!

I am disappointed with one thing, though; Gigantour is finally getting itself down to Australia, but the line-up does nothing for me whatsoever. The original Gigantour with bands such as Dream Theater, Nevermore, and Symphony X would have been well worth it, but the one coming to Australia certainly isn't worth the $85 price they're charging: Megadeth, Soulfly, Arch Enemy, and Caliban are the bands confirmed thus far. At best, I've heard only a few songs by the bands involved (never heard of Caliban though, except as a Shakespearean character), and I would be hard pressed to pay even $10 to see them out of curiousity. Why can't Opeth at least be on the bill like they are in North America? Why did I have to miss Opeth when they came here in April? And why do good bands come here so rarely? The day Dream Theater or Porcupine Tree announce an Australian tour, I will be over the bloody moon with excitement. Let's hope Petrucci and Portnoy enjoy their time here so much that they decide to bring Dream Theater here on the next tour.