May 30th, 2006

Amak Axver

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I just thought I'd offer my thanks to those of you who voted on my poll relating to two different essay options. I submitted the "role of government in private lives" one and got it back yesterday, with a nice little 7 staring at me. That made me happy.

Unfortunately, the Wellington Hurricanes lost the final to the Crusaders, but it was a matter of only seven points and was played in some weather not so favourable to rugby: a thick blanket of fog that made seeing any reasonable distance impossible. It was a bit eerie to watch on TV. I'm still just delighted the Hurricanes made the final! And we seem to be going from strength to strength, so maybe next year will finally be our year. In any case, on to the international season now! Two games against Ireland, one against Argentina, and then the Bledisloe Cup and Tri-Nations series. My tickets to Australia versus New Zealand in Brisbane arrived in the mail today. The game should be excellent.

I should apologise for my lack of commenting lately and my slow replies. I don't wish to write at length on the topic, but I'm not ignoring any comments because I dislike you or because I'm wrong/incapable of replying or anything of the sort. I will hopefully get around to things sometime and I'll try to pick up my act. I miss the thriving conversations some of us used to have.
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