April 10th, 2006


I guess this is going to be my token controversial entry for the month, or something of the sort.

Dear people,

Please observe basic LJ etiquette and common sense.

1. SPELL AND PUNCTUATE PROPERLY! I cannot emphasise this enough. If you think I don't read your entries, first ask yourself "do I spell and punctuate properly?" If the answer is no, then I am not reading your entries and likely won't start any time soon. Correct spelling and punctuation exist so that I don't have to put effort into deciphering what you are trying to articulate. Commonwealth English is particularly cool.

2. Posts with heaps of pictures (or, really, more than a couple) need lj-cuts. I hate scrolling past heaps of pictures, especially when they are of people I wouldn't know from a bar of soap and will never meet. As a rule, people who care about pictures click appropriately labelled lj-cuts, while those who don't just move down their friends page.

3. Write as much as you like in your entry, just stick to one entry! Excessive entries are not cool. I have learnt this from personal experience with making way too many entries a couple of years ago. Spread your entries apart by a decent amount of time. If you think of something you wanted to say just after you made an entry, there's this fantastic device called the EDIT FEATURE.

4. Warnings that your entry may be "emo" are entirely unnecessary on LivemoJournal.

5. I am sure I am not alone in thinking the u2 community's Song Of The Day series is annoying as hell and should cease immediately.


Yes, I caught some illness in NZ and now I'm grouchy. However could you tell?