April 9th, 2006

New Zealand

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Well, I'm back from New Zealand. Talk about a flying visit. Despite the fact I haven't been there in three years, most things were so incredibly familiar. I felt like I had never left Raumati Beach. Sure, some of the shops had changed, but at the end of the day, most things felt just like they always have. The weather was absolutely wonderful - a nice, strong northerly greeted me, and most of the time, the sun was shining (contrary to all Wellington stereotypes). Wellington is a truly beautiful city when the sun is out. It's a city you both love and hate - it's incredibly beautiful, with its bays and hills (mountains to Australians, I'm sure), but my goodness, it isn't built sensibly at all. The geographical location is not exactly conducive to good city design in the first place, and I'd forgotten just how bloody narrow Wellington's streets really are. Not to mention the maze of one way streets. But it's still such a fantastic city. I drove around the bays with my Grandad and uncle, and that was good fun. I hadn't seen either of them in three years either, so it was great to catch up.

I spent most of the time with my father's side of the family (the aforementioned Grandad and uncle are my only maternal relatives that I saw this time around, though all my other close relatives on Mum's side live in Australia nowadays and the more distant ones don't live around Wellington to my knowledge). It's the first time we've had the entire side of the family together in ... years. Maybe the first time in over a decade? I'm not sure. All of my memories seem to have someone missing. Of course, this time around, Uncle Innes was missing due to divorce, so I don't know if he even counts any more. I always liked him, though. And his kids - my only close relatives from my generation - sure have grown. Last time I saw them was in the late nineties when they were half my size. Now they're both taller than me. Those who know me should get a laugh from knowing that I'm still one of the tallest in my family, though. I think out of the last three generations of my family, only four people (out of fourteen) can claim to be taller than me. I can already hear the laughter of the people who know me/mock my height/call me a hobbit.

I'll probably have more things to say over the coming days, but for now, I think I will go and cook dinner. It was nice not having to worry about cooking for a couple of days. I sure missed my music, though. A discman can only do so much. I'm currently enjoying being re-united with my library of awesome music. When Dad put the radio on in the car, the selection of music was simply appalling. Can I just say that the more I hear of The White Stripes, the more I come to realise people who like them are completely and utterly mad and need their hearing checked? The same applies to fans of rap. Or to fans of anything that Wellington's 91ZM plays, for that matter. Utter rubbish, the whole bloody lot of it.