March 29th, 2006

New Zealand

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Alright, another update about life in general.

Today has been particularly good. I received news that I have been awarded a scholarship to cover half of this year's fees, so that's excellent news and is a huge load off my mind. I'm still a bit peeved that the full scholarship was only available to students who graduated high school last year, though.

University is pretty busy and overwhelming, though the latter is more a result of my own procrastination (and an inexplicable lack of motivation) than any extreme workload. My first assessment task is due in two days, and while I've completed the first draft, it's a couple of hundred words over the limit and I'll work on revising that tonight and/or tomorrow. Next week, I have two more assignments due: one is essentially done and the other I haven't even started. Oops? It kind of just slipped under the radar.

As far as personal life goes, not a whole lot of note has happened lately. I'm heading to New Zealand at the end of next week for a brief visit, to attend my father's fiftieth birthday party. It will be awesome to see Wellington and the Kapiti Coast again. I fear the changes that may have taken place in the last three years, though. Last time I was in Raumati Beach, back in 2003, it already seemed like it was no longer the town I knew as a child.

On an amusing note, I introduced my flatmate to death metal last night. I'd put a huge sampler of bands that I like on his iPod, which he had rigged up so that it played through the stereo's speakers in the lounge. He hasn't yet listened to the entire sampler, and one track he hadn't reached was the Opeth song I included. So while he wasn't looking, I selected it. Inflicting death metal on unsuspecting innocent flatmates is amusing. Maybe I'll have to find something even more extreme to get him back for playing Blink 182 and The White Stripes. All in good humour, of course!

That's about it for now. Have a good one, folks!