March 1st, 2006


U2 and university schedules.

Alright, folks, U2 fans in Australia/New Zealand in particular, it is now March. U2's first tour of this part of the world for 8 or 13 years (depending on the country in question) is almost upon us, and as I am a fan of organisation, I'd like to sort some things out while we still have reasonable time to do so. When I went to the US, I had good intentions to meet up with some people that never came to fruition, and I do not wish to have a repeat of this.

As I am naturally a very shy person, I do not typically talk to people I don't know; however, I'd love to pass the time in the General Admission queue talking to U2 fans and generally having a nice time rather than acting as if I am mute. In other words, if I could meet up with people I already know, I could have a good time without my shy instincts kicking in and rendering me incapable of speech. So if you'd like to meet up, please say so and hopefully we can do something.

Where will I be? Everywhere but Adelaide. Collapse )

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In case anyone actually cares, today, my university schedule was finalised. I suppose that if you want to talk to me, knowing when I'll be here will come in quite handy really. I'm very happy with how the schedule has worked out.

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I think that's all for today. Have a good one, folks!