February 25th, 2006


Stuck for what to do on your Saturday night?

Saturday Night, Axver Style
How to enjoy your Saturday night in seven simple generorky steps

1. Wait for your flatmate to go out and do ... whatever normal people do on a Saturday night.
2. Get ice cream out of freezer and heap scoops into a decent sized bowl.
3. Drown ice cream in more chocolate sauce than is A). healthy or B). safe.
4. Take drowned ice cream into the lounge.
5. Sit on the coffee table, because it's directly in front of the television and the couches are not.
6. Put DVD about New Zealand trains in DVD player, and ensure the sound is coming through the stereo system's speakers (because your flatmate is cool and rigged up the DVD player to play through the stereo rather than relying on the television's puny little speakers).
7. Spend an hour grinning your face off watching Kiwi trains of the past and present. Ensure you excessively refer to individuals as the "coolest person ever" (i.e. the guy who discovered what is the sole remaining example of a particular type of railcar, or the guy who built his own narrow gauge railway, or just any old train driver who makes a comment that's remotely amusing or insightful).

I'm such a generork that it may inflict pain upon anyone nearby.