February 11th, 2006

Even Less

The hype machine doesn't always get it right.

Every so often, an album or band comes along that seems to grab prominence amongst your more elite, non-mainstream music fans. We're not talking about mainstream hype like U2 or Coldplay, but nor are we talking about some obscure band whose releases are in batches of 100 and are hyped up by a couple of people who saw them live. Now, I'm mainly going by the elitists and other associated people in U2 fan circles, and I must say, I am consistently let down by the artists that gain prominence with them. These albums are praised as being exceptional, the best of the year, classics, and what-have-you, but I don't see any of those qualities at all.

I brought this up on a community yesterday, and I'm bringing it here today. The album that particularly inspires this disappointment is Illinois by Sufjan Stevens. Collapse )

Well, that's enough for me. I was planning on going to bed an hour ago and reading, but I guess that's not happening now! Anyway, share: what well-hyped but somewhat less-than-mainstream albums have disappointed you?