February 5th, 2006


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Today was a pretty good day, and I feel rather productive. I suppose I had, to a point, underestimated just how many tasks I would have to do around the place, but completing them gives a nice, satisfying feeling, and soon, my flatmate will be living up here and we'll be able to share the duties. My cooking today turned out to be better than I expected, and I went for a nice walk around the area in the afternoon, although the heat of the sun cut it short. The temperature was perfectly tolerable in the shade, almost low enough to be comfortable, but the sun certainly was blazing away and I soon turned home for the cool of my fan.

On a more serious topic, since my last post, Danish and Norwegian embassies have been attacked and torched by furious mobs in the Middle East protesting the "Muhammad cartoons". This is seriously spiralling into insanity. Burning flags seemed bad enough, but that's starting to pale in comparison to the embassy attacks, and one seriously has to wonder when all of this is going to end. Though I understand why Muslims are deeply offended by these cartoons, at the end of the day, they are simply cartoons and taking the issue to such extremes is nothing short of insanity. Torching embassies is simply stooping to the low levels of those who offended you in the first place. Why not take the moral high ground instead? Or better yet, why not recognise there are many more important things in this world to worry about than some cartoons?

I still want to see some serious dialogue between the two sides over the cartoons. Why would cartoonists think to depict Muhammad as a terrorist? Shouldn't that inspire some very serious dialogue and examination, and attempts to resolve misunderstandings?

On another topic, I must say politicians both amuse and disgust me. There's a controversy here in Australia that I admittedly haven't been following closely, but the basic gist is that a wheat exporter is under investigation for paying bribes and kickbacks to Saddam Hussein and his regime, and some politicians in the Opposition are calling on the government to investigate and prove that none of its money went to Saddam or was used by Saddam to pay families of suicide bombers. So the news shows Alexander Downer's response, and I was terribly amused by its irrelevance. Instead of actually addressing where money went, he simply attacks anti-war politicians and points out that Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. Great, Mr Downer, but what of the corruption? "This sort of corruption won't ever happen again with Saddam Hussein's regime, because the regime simply doesn't exist." Never would have guessed, Mr Downer. Smart cookie, you are. I love what you had to say, Mr Downer!

As for more pleasant matters, I've been stacking bookshelves this evening, using one shelf to store DVDs and videos, and I happened to stop and put one on. Dream Theater's Live At Budokan continues to impress me with each repeat viewing. The audio and visual quality is stunning. Now if only U2's recent DVDs were of this quality ... whatever idiot thought to hire Hamish Hamilton needs a swift kick up the backside.

With that, I shall close for today. Tomorrow, I look forward to paying bills. Woo-bloody-hoo. Have a good one, folks!