January 31st, 2006

Beach ball

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Well, I've moved more stuff up to my unit today, and removalists are taking the big stuff on Friday, so that's obviously when I'll be making the permanent move up there. I'll be stuck on dialup Internet for a bit, but it shouldn't be too long until the ADSL is working again. I can cope anyway. I'm not exactly running bit torrents these days as my interest in U2 recordings has significantly waned. I find the aspects of the band I most enjoy are the most overlooked aspects.

In any case, I'm starting to become tremendously scared and nervous about moving, going through the phase almost everyone goes through. I won't bore you with any tedious ramblings about that, especially as you've probably experienced it yourself, will experience it at a later date, or have heard quite enough of it from other people to last you a lifetime. I will, however, state that I am delighted with my new place as it seems to receive a fantastic cooling breeze and the living area is very nice and spacious. If I am determined to do one thing, it is to arrange everything in the most practical, sensible way. For example: no big TV cabinets or desks blocking power points. If there's a storm and I need to unplug stuff to avoid it being fried, I don't want to have to spend ten minutes squeezing my arm behind some big object and wriggling the power plug free. I'd rather the power point be nice and free so I can just easily take out the cord and wait for the storm to sod off. Another example: my bed has been wedged in a corner for too long and I'm sick of trying to tuck in the far corner. I hate making my bed as it is (and by that, I mean when I change the sheets, as I never make it on regular days). Having to clamber over to a far corner just makes me want to be less hygienic, so no hard-to-reach spots. Bedmaking will be a breeze.

I hadn't quite realised just how many books I've managed to accumulate. I haven't even taken my entire collection up to Brisbane and it already looks like I have a very respectable amount of books! And then there's my archive of magazines such as Time, Model Railroader, and Australian Railway Digest. Yes, my collection of magazines tends to scream out the fact that I like my trains.

Also, I have organised my classes and it looks like I'm going to have an extremely favourable schedule. I'll only have to go in on Mondays and Wednesdays! I'm delighted about that. More time to get lost in UQ's huge library. Yes, you all know that's going to be the first place I explore. Come on, it's the largest library in the state (and apparently third largest in Australia or something along those lines) - do you really think it would be possible to keep me away? If I don't post for a week, assume a bookshelf ate me and I am currently pushing through its digestive system, trying to find my way out.