January 1st, 2006

Beach ball

Happy New Year, folks!

I don't suppose any of you have noticed it's 2006 yet. I mean, the topic of the new year has been entirely overlooked by every single person on my friends page. Don't you folk look at calendars?

Yes, the above is dripping with sarcasm. And yes, I've now joined the fad of mentioning the new year. How incredibly original of me. I must say I've kind of ignored the new year today as I've been too focused on my generorky activities related to trains, though it's very comforting that the date now ends in a 6 rather than a 5. Less than a year until 2007 now. Thank goodness for that. This year will either be very quick or agonisingly slow for me, and I hope it's the former! University as well as my hobbies should keep me quite occupied in any case. Today's shot past me and I'm really not overly sure where it's gone. I guess it's disappeared down the hole entitled André Wasting His Time Writing Railway Stuff For Wikipedia.

I think this is going to be an exciting year on the whole. The Super 14 commences; I start university; U2 rock up down here; I finally get to return to New Zealand after a three year absence; the build-up to Rugby World Cup 2007 begins in earnest ... all kinds of good stuff like that. Maybe I'll also be smart and grow in both knowledge and faith this year. Let's hope for the best, shall we?

Ah, 2007, glorious 2007, you loom so brilliantly on the horizon. With a move to Melbourne and the Rugby and Cricket World Cups, you'd be a year with everything if only you had a U2 tour. Maybe U2 will kick their arses into gear and get a new album out then at least! As much as I'd love to believe there'll be an album at the end of this year, I think that's just excessively wishful thinking by some folks and the earliest we can reasonably hope for is October 2007. U2 being U2, they won't complete an album by the Christmas season this year and I think it's pretty obvious they no longer want to release anything at any time other than Christmastime and the immediate lead-up to it.

Well, I sure have jumped around topics here, haven't I? Maybe I'll write a more substantial entry tomorrow, though there's good odds that it'll be something hyper-generorky about trains. Don't say I didn't warn you.