December 23rd, 2005


A government ownership poll.

Random political poll! Just because I feel like it.

Although I've held off on continuing my political series, I've still been thinking about my political stance, specifically where I stand on governmental ownership of national services such as the railways and telecommunications. So I thought I'd make a poll to see just how (un)common my viewpoint is amongst those who read my journal.

Please note: selecting 'yes' does not necessarily mean you oppose private ownership. For example, you could believe as I do and select 'yes, not-for-profit to benefit the population' and think that private companies should be allowed to be established and operate alongside and compete with the government (i.e. someone believes they can create a telecommunications company that can provide a better service than what the government offers at a lower cost to the consumer while still making a profit for themselves).

Do you believe that the government should own and operate important national services?

Yes, not-for-profit to benefit the population.
Yes, to achieve a profit.
No, services should be supplied by private enterprise.
Unsure/Don't know.
My view isn't on this poll so I'll explain it in a comment.

I will likely elaborate more on my viewpoint at a later date.