December 9th, 2005


Political correctness can be thoroughly annoying.

I am becoming extremely tired of this PC "let's not risk offending anyone" nonsense with regards to the whole debate of replacing "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays". I honestly haven't noticed this to be much of an issue in Australia or New Zealand, but I've sure seen the argument enough online for it to be irking me. Now, of course, multiple cultures are celebrating important occasions around this time of year, but if you live in a Western country like I do, take a look at your calendar and notice the fact that the public holiday is Christmas. I place "Merry Christmas" on the same level as "Happy New Year" or "I hope you have a fun Australia Day". It's just a damn greeting related to the public holiday; it isn't some endorsement of one religion or culture over another. If you're offended because someone, in wishing you a merry time on 25 December, used the name of the official public holiday they hope you will enjoy, you have some issues.

Really, this is completely ridiculous. I don't see anyone complaining about positive Australia Day wishes and considering them exclusionary and offensive, even though they blatantly ignore the fact that Waitangi Day falls during the same fortnight and a sizeable minority of New Zealanders live in Australia. I'm sure every single day contains some significance in one culture if you look hard enough, but let's not take things to extremes, people. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging official public holidays without mentioning other important occasions that aren't official holidays.