November 20th, 2005

Edge of the world

Details on U2 in New Zealand and Australia

Why am I LiveJournalling at this stupid hour of 4:30am, you ask? Well, I got up really early to see New Zealand play England in the rugby ... only to find Austar had botched the rights and it wasn't on! To add insult to injury, I caught the last minutes of the game where Australia broke their seven match losing streak, defeating Ireland.

However, I'm not annoyed at all. Why? Well, before I went to bed, the press release for U2's tour down here leaked (with dates but no ticket prices), and while I was asleep, the official announcement went up on, complete with ticket prices. And how has it worked out? SPECTACULARLY. Here's the info:

Friday, 17 March 2006, Ericsson Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
Tuesday, 21 March 2006, Queensland Sports And Athletics Centre, Brisbane, Queensland
Friday, 24 March 2006, Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Victoria
Tuesday, 28 March 2006, AAMI Stadium, Adelaide, South Australia
Friday, 31 March 2006, Telstra Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales
[It is worth noting that a second show on the 25th has been reported for Melbourne by some sources, there has also been some mention of a second show in Auckland on the 16th or 18th, and some hints at a second Sydney show. One would imagine these will be announced if/when the first date sells out, as happened in North America and Europe.]

Ticket prices: $99 for General Admission; seats ranging between $99-199.
Tickets on sale: 5 December
There will apparently be a presale for members with unused presale codes!

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I'm absolutely stunned at how cheap the tickets are, the GAs aren't too much more expensive than for the US arena shows and the dearest tickets are actually cheaper than the most expensive ones in the US, and all of these figures are below what was charged for the European stadium gigs. I think they're determined to not only sell out these shows, but play multiple dates in some cities - they'd never do that if the tickets were $150-300 like I expected. I'm really delighted! Also, as much as I would've liked the arena show (arenas = more concerts to satisfy demand), I'm thrilled that we'll be able to see the stadium shows, which look really spectacular.

Now it's time to start planning!