November 9th, 2005

One Tree Hill

And the moon has turned red ...

I want to write a rational, normal entry. I really do. There are all kinds of topics to address, from the French riots to media sensationalism heightening the fear of avian flu.

Instead, it seems I have discovered that U2 is no good for my blood pressure. Ever since it was confirmed U2 had signed off on an Australian tour, little bits and pieces of information have been filtering through - articles discussing how much of a nightmare transportation will be in Melbourne when U2 hit the city during the Commonwealth Games, word that the road crew have been told to fill out their Australian visa applications, a New Zealand gig placed in Auckland on Saint Patrick's Day, and stating that they anticipate exciting news any day now. Well, of course, I'm sitting here tense, knowing the formal tour announcement could come at any time and that each minute that passes brings me a minute closer to the announcement.

Of course, now Bono's really gone and done it. I was listening to the live mobile phone feed of today's concert in Oakland when after One, Bono starts singing these familiar lyrics ... it initially didn't even register, I was so shocked, and then "the moon is up and over One Tree Hill" hit me like a sack of bricks. He then sung a couple more lines and concluded the snippet as I sat there grinning my face off with absolute joy and happiness. Bono actually snippeted One Tree Hill! For those of you who don't know, One Tree Hill is a famous New Zealand landmark in Auckland, and the song is one of U2's best and most beautiful works - I rank the studio version as the fourth best song ever made and the live performance on 26 December 1989 as the best performance of any song ever. U2 were truly possessed that night. However, One Tree Hill has only been played live a total of thirty-six times, the first on 10 September 1987 in Uniondale and the last on 9 January 1990 in Rotterdam. Since then, it had only been snippeted twice, on 1 and 4 December 1993 at U2's two ZooTV Tour concerts, the last time U2 were in New Zealand. I could not believe my ears when Bono sung part of it today.

Awesomely enough, we already have some video from a mobile phone that you may download for your enjoyment.

Bono seems to have been thinking about New Zealand. My blood pressure must now be through the roof and my mind is entirely pre-occupied with anticipation and thoughts of the impending tour. When U2 haven't been to your homeland for twelve years, something like this is a gigantic deal. I just wish they'd put all of us out of our misery and make the formal bloody announcement already!
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