October 25th, 2005

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I forgot what life without DSL is like.

Well, last night was fun. I can't think of any storm in my eight years in Australia that equals that one, and apparently we were on the edge and other areas were pelted by hail. Sure seems like there has been a lot of hail lately in southeast Queensland. I hope this isn't signs of a storm-filled summer - as much as they're entertaining to watch, I'm a bit too hooked on the Internet right now to enjoy them. Last night's storm had so much lightning it was insane; the air was extremely electric. At one point, there was this gigantic crack like an explosion extremely close to my house, and although we still don't know what it hit, a few devices here are on the blink. The generator that powers our aerial for free-to-air television networks doesn't work, so bizarrely, we have pay TV but none of the free-to-air stuff! One light in the kitchen well and truly blew too, and of course, my modem's died. Otherwise, everything appears to be fine. I'm thoroughly baffled by this modem - right now, it turns on and even connects to the Internet, but doesn't register the presence of any of the three computers connected to it. Last night, however, it just acted weird and said it was connected to a phone line (but not the Internet) even when there was no phone cable plugged in! Hopefully I'll be able to tinker with it and figure out what's happening - I've already ordered a replacement modem, but I don't expect it until tomorrow. If I can get the current one to work, the new one will come in handy when I move to Brisbane so it's not a waste of money.

For the time being, I'm stuck on the slow agony otherwise known as dialup, and as my DSL plan comes with just ten hours of free dialup access, I'm conserving my time. I don't know how I'll take 7-8 hours without Internet this afternoon and evening, especially with my television not working (it only showed free-to-air stations; we didn't put a cable for pay TV through to my room). Maybe I'll do a lot of reading. Who knows.

Have a good one, folks!
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