September 12th, 2005


Capitalism: commercialising a death near you!

Reason why capitalism is great #10421: you can turn on the television at 5pm and find someone trying to make money off your death.

"Hey, you're going to kick the bucket and will need a funeral! I'd like to sell you or your family something so that I can convert your death into dollars!"

Great start to an ad break. Near its end, there is of course an ad for a will kit, and just before it, an ad for a pensioners' insurance agency. I think this is a great example of capitalism at work. "Hey, elderly people eat dinner and watch TV at 5pm before turning in for an early night! Let's remind them that they're old and going to die while they catch up on the news! They'll surely sleep soundly now!"

What next? Advertisements for how-to-get-away-with-adultery clinics during romantic movies?