September 2nd, 2005


The Battle of the Volume.

I was going to have a big rant about birthdays, but instead, I'll just mention last night and give you a song. It was my uncle's birthday last night, and we had the dinner here. My dislike of birthdays was rather confirmed when most people got drunk and turned on loud music just as I was going to bed. I really wish I could live somewhere quiet so that I could just sleep on my own happy schedule and not be kept awake by people playing loud music late into the night.

I pretty much gave up on sleep and decided I'd reply in kind by playing my own music loud. If I have to listen to loud music, it might as well be something I like. So I was enjoying my music, though I kept being able to hear the other music over the top, and then my grandmother came in to see if I was trying to sleep! They couldn't hear a note of what I was playing on my computer, so Nan challenged me to turn my music up as loud as I could and make them hear me. Seeing my computer speakers could barely handle a live performance of U2's Mofo at the current volume, I went to my sound system and engaged in the Noise Wars.

And guess what? I won.

The winning song was Porcupine Tree's Wedding Nails from 2002's In Absentia album. It's a 6:30 instrumental, but don't let that put you off - it rocks. How do you think I won? Even if you don't think you like instrumentals, download and enjoy its rocking goodness.

After that, they kept playing their music anyway and I conceded as my speakers weren't going to keep going too much longer and I just wanted to go to sleep anyway. Well, I didn't get any quiet to allow me to sleep for at least another hour after that. Ugh, drunk people and sound systems are not a good combination if you wish to have a good night's sleep.

And that's my story for today. I swear there better not be a repeat of last night at Mum's birthday tomorrow. In any case, I'm tired and think I'll go crash into bed now.