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September 1st, 2005 - Contradiction is balance. — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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September 1st, 2005

(no subject) [1 September 2005|10:13 am]
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[Current Music |'Home On Ice' by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah]

It's really annoying when a small minority can make an entire large group of people look really stupid, or when people claiming to represent a group mouth off and make stupid statements that the group would never support. For example, the kind of U2 'fans' whose most eloquent comment about the band is "OMFG Bano iz so0o0o0ooo HAWTTT!!!111!1", or Australians who make their fellow countrymen appear unintelligent and primitive (I'm looking at you, Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin), or in this current case, radical people claiming the Christian label alleging that Hurricane Katrina or whatever other tragedy you like is God's punishment for gays and homosexuality. If you ask me, these people themselves are God's punishment for ignorance and stupidity. Did the peanut butter factory have a surplus of nuts?
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