August 24th, 2005

New Zealand

For your listening pleasure ...

Yes, it's a post of free music! Why am I posting free music?

1. To make up for the horror of my atrocious singing on Exit, here's some good stuff.
2. When I made my post praising Kiwi music, MP3s were requested. Well, as promised, here they are!
3. I was tagged for that "post 7 songs you're currently into" meme by someone a while back, so this is pretty much my response. I don't do memes, but I can sure post songs I'm enjoying currently! And why stop at seven?
4. Just for your general listening pleasure, because music's good.

On account of #2, I have split this into Kiwi music and music from anywhere else, with the Kiwi music today and the other music tomorrow (and maybe some more Kiwi stuff in there if I have the time and inclination). I have taken the liberty of considering Crowded House to be a Kiwi band despite the argument between New Zealand and Australia - Neil Finn, the lead singer, is a Kiwi so that's good enough for me. On account of #3, some songs will be classics by the band in question, while others will be my personal favourites, and I'm too lazy to offer a distinction (especially because classics and favourites overlap sometimes!).

Some of the songs are in MP3 format, some are in M4A. Whatever program you use to play music should have no trouble with MP3, but M4A is the iTunes format and may not work on other players. M4A does work on my WinAmp 5, but I honestly don't remember if I once downloaded a plugin to allow such files to play. If you don't use iTunes and haven't tried an M4A file before, you might just want to download one and see if it works on your player of choice.

Enough waffling, here's the music!

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You want music? There's definitely a lot of music there for you, and there'll be even more tomorrow! Watch out for that entry.

Download, listen, enjoy, and tell me what you think!