August 22nd, 2005

Axver For Dictator

André Axver, Worldwide Pop Star?

In an entry a few days ago, as I'm sure I don't need to tell you, I did a little mockery of the modern music industry by uploading a copy of myself singing U2's Exit - and as I'm a bad singer, this wasn't exactly the most stellar cover in the history of mankind. Now, I expected it to show up on Audioscrobbler simply because I know some people who'll download whatever I point in their direction use the site, but I didn't quite expect so many to listen.

Apparently, plenty of people are listening.

As I post this entry, the above link reads:

563 people have listened to Exit (Howling Wind Mix) by André Axver.
Of all 563 people that have listened to songs by André Axver, this represents 100%.


Now, while someone may have listened to it a lot (not naming names but looking squarely in purplicious's direction), no matter how many times you listen to a song, you only count as a single person. As evidence of this, I have listened to God Defend New Zealand by Frankie Stevens and the Department of Internal Affairs Choir fifteen times but only six people total have actually listened to the song. Even more bizarrely, BOTH my original YouSendIt links that I used to make my Exit cover available initially are still active (for those who don't know, they stop working after 25 downloads or 7 days, whichever comes first). Furthermore, the Audioscrobbler stats were at 563 this time yesterday - so in two days, it spread like wildfire and has now suddenly stopped.

I'm not mad or annoyed about this in the slightest, so don't get me wrong - I'm just thoroughly perplexed as to how 563 people could have heard my song (I don't know that many people and the cover is horrible!), and curiousity's eating me up. If any of you can tell me how this happened, you don't get a prize, but you'll make my curious side very happy.

I also wonder if one of those 563 people happens to be a recording executive. Because if so, the cover's that bad that a recording contract has to be coming my way soon! André's Rocking Band: coming to assault a pair of ears near you with talentless badness!