July 19th, 2005

Amak Axver

(no subject)

I am amazed. As of 11am yesterday, I'd never applied for a job in my life. As of 11am today, I had one. I couldn't believe it. It's nothing much, just conducting phone surveys, but the pay's remarkably good. I phoned yesterday and got into a first round interview that afternoon, and during the second round this morning, they offered me the job on the spot. 3pm-8pm Monday-Friday. Perfect hours as far as I am concerned! My training is tomorrow. All the forms I'm required to fill out before commencing are inane and redundant: all the health and safety stuff is such obvious common sense, but there must be some incredibly daft people out there.

Otherwise, I have nothing much to say today. I feel incredibly out of the loop with regards to news, especially politically. If anyone knows of a site with incredibly good news, analysis, and assessment, I'd really appreciate a link.
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