May 19th, 2005


Outside, it's America.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the day is almost here. Tomorrow morning, somewhat early, I will head down to Coolangatta Airport. Some thirty hours later, I will arrive in Nashville. Four days after that, I will fly to Boston and see U2. This has to be the most exciting week ever.

For now, I shall bid you farewell. I will, of course, have Internet access (how do you think purplicious updates LJ, by magic?), but of course, I've no idea how regular it will be. I'll be around to organise meeting with some of you, though. My e-mail is amakaxver[at] if any of you want to work something out. I hope all of you have an excellent June (and what's left of May).

I shall leave you with - what else? - Collapse )

Have a good one, folks.
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    'A Sort Of Homecoming (21 March 1985)' by U2