May 15th, 2005


I don't think I've said much in particular but the ramble sure is out in force today.

I must admit that I've been enjoying ignoring life and just doing my own thing since the end of high school. I have to say it has been refreshing. I haven't accomplished much, but I feel mentally refreshed. By the end of grade twelve, I think I was just about to go insane from having to tolerate the place day in, day out. I've enjoyed retreating from the world and living in semi-seclusion for a few months. I'd honestly like to retreat further from the world but I know I can't do that, and that it would probably turn out to be too depressing anyway. As a matter of fact, the opposite is about to occur. I've realised my self-imposed retreat, my 'holiday' or 'break' if you will, is about to come to a crashing halt. I have my major US trip, then I'll enter paid employment before moving to Brisbane, entering university, and plunging into the future.

Hello, life. How are you? Haven't seen much of you in the last few months. I know in the past, I've said mean things about you and even tried to rid myself of you at a couple of points, but let's see what this funny thing called future has in store. I can't believe I'm off to the US this Friday. One has to wonder how my LJ update patterns will be affected. But this isn't time for farewells. I'll have to start packing soon, as I wish to be organised and on top of everything. I'm the person who's paranoid of forgetting something and ultimately takes way more than he could ever need. If I had room in my suitcase, I'd take an entire library with me for just a week in New Zealand.

New Zealand. Sigh. I'm not getting homesick in yet another LJ entry. I'm not. Wellington now have to face Canterbury again thanks to the way the Bulls took apart the Stormers, so I think the Super 12 season is now about to descend into total predictability: Canterbury and New South Wales to defeat their opponents and Canterbury to win the final.

I'm also rather impressed with myself, as I have successfully cleared out half of the spam that has inundated my inbox. Those of you familiar with Gmail know how it creates threads, and I had nearly 600 in there, some containing up to 150 unread LJ comments. I'm now down to less than 300 and dropping fast. If you've got or if you get a reply to a comment you made ages ago, you now know why. I will read everything, even if I don't reply to it. And I really hope I can empty it by Thursday night. Wow, it's Monday tomorrow. The US trip really is becoming suddenly close. I need to hurry up and revise 11 O'clock Tick Tock!

Have a good one, folks.
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