May 13th, 2005

Edge of the world

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So, it's a week until I go to the US. My, I am getting nervous. Six weeks on the other side of the planet - it's both an exciting and a terrifying prospect.

What I'd like to know now, though, is if anyone ever actually accomplishes to-do lists! Because I'm starting to realise the folly of my prior to-do list. My room is half-clean, my inbox is a third emptier than it used to be, and my computer hasn't been tidied or had much burnt off it, though wonder of wonders, I did get my entire Time magazine (1997-2005) collection in order. I wonder just how much more I can accomplish before the evening of the 19th. I don't exactly have a bucketload of time on my side.

Hurricanes lost tonight. Here's hoping for better next week in the semi-finals - come on Wellington, let's make our first Super 12 final ever! Ha, no. The final will be Canterbury versus NSW and I damn well hope Canterbury come out victorous. The last thing rugby or the world in general needs is an Australian team winning the Super 12. The Brumbies have committed that felony once already.

U2's setlist at the fourth and final Chicago show was absolutely sensational and after reading that and the subsequent reviews, I absolutely cannot wait to get myself to Boston. Two weeks suddenly seems very long! Which is a good sign for me accomplishing stuff before I fly out, hurrah!

And now I shall sign off for the night. Have a good one, folks!
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    'Dirty Day (Bitter Kiss)' by U2