April 21st, 2005


Pope Antichrist I.

As of today, in less than a month, I shall be in the US. How incredibly exciting and nervewracking, travelling halfway around the world by myself. Have fear, Earth, for Axver has been unleashed upon another hemisphere.

On a completely different note, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the radical Christian tracts of Jack Chick. If you aren't, go forth and be blessed by his hate, incorrect statements, and general disturbing Protestant fundamentalism. It goes without saying that this fellow and his organisation are very anti-Catholic and have a field day spreading lies about Catholic beliefs and practices. As screendoor3 observed in a comment, we'll probably soon see Chick tracts attacking the Pope for, amongst other things, being a member of the Hitler Youth in his teenage years (of course, the fact Cardinal Ratzinger was forced into joining and subsequently deserted will not matter a jot to Chick's crusade). My observation was this:

The only way a Pope could possibly appear worse in Jack Chick's eyes is if he took the name Pope Antichrist I. Actually, in that case, Chick may hail the Pope as a great man of truth ...

In which case, I would like to send Ratzinger a letter.

Attn: Cardinal Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI

It may not be my place to tell such a holy man that he has made a mistake, but you, sir, have made a gross error in your selection of a Papal name. If you had spent a little more time in prayer and discernment, you would have realised that the selection of the name Pope Antichrist I - or at worst, Pope Sixtus Sixtus Sixtus as proposed by athanasius7 based upon the precedent of Pope Sixtus I (115-125) - would have been greeted by fundamentalist Protestants with vast joy and praises of truthfulness. This would have caused a great boon for the ecumenical movement, uniting Christians worldwide in praise of you and your name. You would have subsequently earnt a reputation as a great man of truth, and regardless of your actions, you would have won many converts to Catholicism.

Please reconsider your selection of Benedict XVI and change your name to Antichrist I accordingly.

Kind regards,
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