March 30th, 2005

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Once, many months ago, my stepbrother James asked me to download an Eminem album for him, and when he failed to offer a blank CD, he offered me money to cover the use of one of my own - and realising he was offering me much more than a blank CD is worth, I figured I could bring myself to download such atrocious crap if it would keep the peace here.

He is now playing it loud. I am living to regret this decision. Right now, I am thankful for my headphones and the bootleg of the opening night of U2's tour - which is quite fantastic, I must say, though I shall reveal no more for the sake of my friends who do not wish to read spoilers.

Lesson in life #52096: Do not download crap. Ever. There is no adequate justification for doing so.
Lesson in life #52097: Try not to live with people who will ask you to download aforementioned crap, especially if they are inclined to playing such heinous noise loud. Your life and your ears will be happier without them.

That's all for today. Have a good one and enjoy quality music.
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    '11 O'clock Tick Tock (30 December 1989)' by U2