March 16th, 2005

Hawkmoon 269

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- I love writing, oh yes I do.
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- I did precious little today. I don't have motivation to do much at all. It's sad.
- The government can go fuck themselves. Really. Just because I'm not permanently blind, the government's now going to force me to get a job or else they won't offer me any support this year, and I come from a poor enough family that I'm NEVER getting up to Brisbane and university next year without said support, but the government's going to assume that I have good enough vision to drive. So I can't get to a job, but if I don't get to one, I don't get any help, and I don't get any help getting there. I'd rather be classified as legally blind than stuck in this grey zone between being able to drive and getting assistance. Why did I have to get stuck with 6/36 rather than 6/60 vision (which I believe constitutes legal blindness here)? Legal blindness has got to suck but at least the legally blind don't get screwed over like those of us with slightly better vision do.
- That was my random whine for the day.
- I've nothing much else to say.
- As usual.
- Have a good one, folks.
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