March 5th, 2005

Edge of the world

No news isn't good news, it just isn't news.

I think it's rather sad when the news gets quiet and old topics are rehashed and dead horses are beaten further and further into the ground. Not just because it's so monotonous, though. Not just because the same arguments get thrown around under the guise of being original. Not just because rarely does anyone ever change their opinion or act like they've learnt anything at all. Not just because it seriously deprives me of topics to discuss and issues to rant about. What makes it really sad is that there is actually plenty of news, even on the slowest news days - it's just not reported. I find it wholly incomprehensible about how Mrs Brown's waterskiing chipmunk or Random Funny Immigrant In The Multicultural Suburb's parrot that can recite Pi to 100 decimal places in Swahili are actually deemed to be more newsworthy and deserving of valuable airtime than the civil strife and political turmoil of numerous countries around the world. It is as if news directors think John Smith's amazing ability to shove more cigars in his mouth than anyone else is actually more important than, say, a peace treaty resolving a long-running, brutal conflict between two warring tribes in sub-Saharan Africa or the continually growing and alarming toll of AIDS.

I don't get it. But I guess I better do the patriotic thing and achieve some useless feat like balancing more CDRs on my nose than any other person in the world. I'll have a better chance of making the nightly news than a few hundred Africans perishing at the primitive weapons of brutal militia.

In other news, I am ... actually trying to achieve some truly useless feat! But that's not for public disclosure for a short while yet. Less than two weeks, anyway. The really clever and observant among you might be able to guess what I'm doing. A couple of you already know, and if you are one of them, you should feel really privileged and lucky, just because that's a nice feeling.

To close, wheeeeeeeee, working on is such incredibly good fun! I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Have a good one, folks.
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