February 27th, 2005

Amak Axver

Boredom and tiredness are wonderful in combination!

Ever had that feeling that your afternoon and evening have been so boring that your brain might explode out of the sheer desire to have something to do? That's the feeling I have right now. Maybe I should walk out into the middle of the road, tie scarves around my head, run backwards until I reach the first descent, then fall over and roll away. It's a sign I'm overly bored that I actually think that's a rather amusing idea and would be tempted do it if someone where here to film it and ensure no cars came along. If I made movies, I'd put a completely random scene like that into the middle of a film just to mess with the audience's heads.

I think I'll tell you about the rugby game last night.

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I think I shall have a night that's so early it's ridiculous even by my standards. Have a good one, folks.

--- 8:07pm ---

Though before I go, I have one nice observation. I do the virtual [rugby tournament name] picking competitions online and in this year's Virtual Super 12 (www.virtualsuper12.co.nz) ... let's just say that the following feels good:

You have 45 points, and you're ranked in position 28 out of 111227 players.
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