February 21st, 2005


A brief summary of today, free music, and tidbits of information.

Axver's day:

Yay, life is great! --> Woe, life sucks! --> Yay, life is great!

Sounds like it sums up my life really, from when I was a little child --> when I understood the world and how badly it's messed up --> since November last year.

I have been listening to some cover songs lately, mainly U2 covering other bands, and I thought I'd post two songs that I feel U2 made their own. I find these so sensational that I simply consider them U2 songs rather than covers.
1. All Along The Watchtower, 1989-12-30, Dublin - If you think U2 are some weak band who don't rock, you have no clue will change your mind once you listen to this. Forget that (comparatively) piss-poor cover they threw on the Rattle And Hum album; this is what I'm referring to when I say U2's cover of All Along The Watchtower was bloody fantastic. And let me just say that the performances that featured Desire --> Edge's solo --> All Along The Watchtower were some of the best moments of the Lovetown Tour.
2. Dancing Barefoot - A Patti Smith tune that U2 took and did wonders with. Why the hell did they put Helter Skelter on Rattle And Hum when they could have used this piece of brilliance?

Free music is always good. Enjoy. And if the links expire, tell me and I'll upload a new copy.

I may have been a little late in noticing, but all should join me in celebrating the granting of a provisional lyrics-hosting license to the greatest website on the Internet besides LiveJournal, the almighty U2Wanderer.org. The site is again complete with its full complement of lyrics along with the overwhelming tide of discography information.

Wondering if Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own will be a single in North America? Read my post on the LJ U2 community and wonder no more. Comes complete with cool chart statistics that prove Canadians have better music taste than much of the world.

This was a very U2-centric entry. Are you surprised? Not likely. I should do a phone post sometime soon. Have a good one, folks.
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