January 19th, 2005


Two polls.

Lately, I have started to feel a little uncomfortable with discussing a couple of topics on my journal, namely religion and politics. Now, yes, you can remind me all you want that this is my journal, I can write about whatever topics I like, et cetera, but another fact at play is that all of you read what I write and I care about what you think. After all, my friends are what make the LiveJournal experience worthwhile - and yes, I live through this place. I have been made to feel uncomfortable about and wary of posting these topics, not generally through any fault of anyone reading this, so I would like to hear the opinions of the people who actually read my journal. I ask that you vote honestly. (Can you vote if you read but don't have an account? I don't suppose you can. Well if you're reading through a link from elsewhere, post a comment on this entry - you can do so without an LJ account.)

The first poll is a political one - and furthermore, I am curious as to where the supporters and detractors of Bush live, so I have incorporated that element into the poll (this was inspired when I realised none of my good friends or close family [or for that matter, most people I know whatsoever] outside the USA actually support George Bush). For the purposes of this poll, 'American' refers to someone from/in the USA. I'm not going to be strict about nationality - just select the option with which you identify yourself. For example, although I am an Australian citizen and have lived here for almost half my life, if you replaced 'American' with 'Australian', I would vote that I am NOT an Australian (we all know that New Zealanders rule, especially Wellingtonians).

Poll #420658 Political allegiances of my readers.

Do you support George W. Bush and what is your nationality?

I am an American and I support Bush.
I am an American and I do NOT support Bush.
I am an American and I don't really care or have no opinion.
I am NOT an American and I support Bush.
I am NOT an American and I do NOT support Bush.
I am NOT an American and I don't really care or have no opinion.
Some other response that will be given in a comment.

The second poll deals with religion and that some people simply do not want to hear about religious topics. I have deliberately attempted to use a broad term in 'enjoy' - for example, you could respond to 'I enjoy reading them' because you find it fascinating to read about different beliefs but do not have a faith of your own, or you could respond to 'I do not enjoy reading them' because you're a Christian who hears quite enough every Sunday to last you a week. I have stipulated 'especially Christian themed entries' as that is the perspective from which I write.

Poll #420659 Opinions on religious entries.

How do you feel towards religious (especially Christian) themed entries?

I enjoy reading them.
I am apathetic towards them.
I do NOT enjoy reading them.
Some other response that will be given in a comment.

Now when I say 'some other response that will be given in a comment', I actually expect that you will uphold the 'will be given in a comment' portion. After all, I (and anyone else) can check the poll to see who selected which option, so you're going to look a tad silly if you make that selection and fail to leave some sort of comment about how you really feel.

Thank you for your input.
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