January 10th, 2005

Edge of the world

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Today's entry, in video format. | Mirror.

Actually, I have a little bit more for today.

Firstly, I was writing a review of Achtung Baby and explaining why it is not the classic or masterpiece most people claim it to be when the strangest thing happened. I found myself enjoying Ultra Violet so much that I couldn't bring myself to tear it to shreds. Yes, you just read that correctly. I enjoyed Ultra Violet, a song I had previously stated to be the worst ever made by U2. So to repeat, for the record: I, André Axver, former Ultra Violet (Light My Way) hater, enjoy the aforementioned song.

Secondly, if you haven't read these lyrics, sit down, turn on your brain, and READ THEM. It's harsh, it's brutal, and it's thought-provoking. Collapse )

That is one powerful commentary. I think we - being individuals and members of humanity in general - need to urgently reassess our priorities. Now this is why I love U2: they inspire change. I feel like I now need to do some serious contemplation.
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    'If God Will Send His Angels (28 April 1997)' by U2