January 5th, 2005

Amak Axver

This is your subject line for today.

Remember this questionnaire? If you haven't answered it yet, go ahead and guess before reading the answers.

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Today, Holly was up from Sydney, so she came around to visit and we had a great day that happened to involve a trip to a couple of book shops at one point.

The good news: I summoned up the courage to ask if they were employing any new staff.
The bad news: Neither were taking any applications.
The great news: I did extremely well buying books. I was particularly impressed at QBD, where I purchased two extremely marked-down books, only to find the machine read them wrong and I paid even less than I expected. Twelve dollars for two brand new books is, in my opinion, a wonderful find.

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Yes, I have a lot of reading to do. And now I have found myself searching through Amazon, looking at all kinds of books and feeling like a total book generork. But to change subjects ...

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