December 30th, 2004

One Tree Hill

The society of "me, me, me."

The following rant is based upon two pieces of information I have recently read.

1. Poll figures of donations to the earthquake/tsunami relief efforts.

At the time of posting, these are the statistics.

Do you plan to make a donation to aid victims of the Asian tsunamis?
I've already contributed: 11%
I plan to contribute: 34%
I'm not going to contribute: 55%
Total respondents: 10,560

2. Stingy Americans? UN official's comment hits nerve.

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Now is not a time to celebrate. Now is a time to express the spirit of generosity that is supposedly present at this time of year.

Don't believe in excess, success is to give
Don't believe in riches but you should see where I live

- U2, God Part II

Success is to give, but look at where we live and look at how little we give.

--- 9:52pm ---

For those yet to make a contribution to the disaster relief effort, I am taking this straight from desert_sky's comment.

Here's a list of humanitarian groups to donate to, and here's a direct link to the Red Cross donation form (select "International Response Fund" to help the victims of the tsunami).
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