December 13th, 2004

October Edge

In place of a real entry, I bring you early U2.

You want to know what is a real pain in the neck? Firefox's strange ability to freeze at the most inconvenient moment possible. So instead of a proper entry summarising the last few days, I shall give you some hilarious files instead.

Lately, I have had a number of discussions relating to early recordings of U2, so I thought I'd upload three television performances for all of you. These date from before U2 had a record deal or Bono and Adam had any talent whatsoever. The fashion and hair cuts are hilarious, Bono's poor singing is hilarious, and Bono's completely uncontrolled enthusiasm is hilarious. You can tell that once he figured out just what to do on stage, he was going to really excite an audience, but for now, he's making a fool of himself in the name of enthusiasm and passion. At least Edge's talent is apparent - he saves the performances, in my opinion. It's hard to believe the same band that created masterpieces such as The Unforgettable Fire and Where The Streets Have No Name is the post-punk group in these clips.

... I must say I really enjoy these, though. Especially Street Mission, if only for Edge's solo.

From March 1978, what I believe to be the earliest U2 recording in existence: Street Mission and a mirror, should the first link expire.

From 1978 or 1979: Lost On A Silent Planet and a mirror. This song goes under various other names such as Life On A Distant Planet and Judith.

From 1978 or 1979: Some of The Fool, along with Weird Talking Guys and a mirror.

I apologise for the poor quality, but it's all I have, and in my opinion, it doesn't detract from the humour at all. This stuff is brilliant, in the humorous sense. Really, one has to ask: what were they [especially Bono!] thinking?!

Download. Enjoy. Come laugh with me.

As a footnote, am I the only person who hates summer? I dread the upcoming months. Today was probably the warmest day of the season thus far and I hated it. Please take me to Antarctica to avert further whining.
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