December 9th, 2004

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Letter day.

Attn: incompetent website developers.

For the sake of my sanity and calm disposition, please design your websites sensibly. In other words, make sure all links work, get rid of the needless and flashy graphics that just hinder users, ensure all pages load reasonably and do not freeze, and DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE SO THAT IT WORKS WITH MOZILLA FIREFOX.

No kind regards,


Attn: friends list.

Use Mozilla Firefox. Ignore the few pathetic websites that do not work with it. Leave the demonic scum that is Micro$$$oft's Internet Explorer and join the wise world using Firefox.

Kindest regards,


I feel quite productive right now. Why? I have spent much of this afternoon burning and ordering bootlegs, and now I have a few nice stacks sitting in my room. I didn't realise I had this many concerts. Have taken photos and the film will hopefully be used and developed by January. I really need a digital camera.

Attn: generous souls.

Buy me a digital camera, or even better, a webcam. Please, please, please. I will send you ... any bootlegs you want, poetry, my soul.

Many thanks,

(Or maybe I should just ask my family for one for Christmas ...)


Tomorrow, I am going to the final cricket match between New Zealand and Australia at the 'Gabba. The series is presently locked at 1-1 so as long as there is no rain, this game will be extremely exciting and tense. New Zealand so nearly won last night. It was agony, quite literally for Chris Harris, who suffered a shoulder injury while fielding and came out to bat with a torn rotator cuff. Oh, that was such an exciting game, especially because New Zealand looked well and truly defeated at one point. If we hadn't lost Vettori with less than twenty runs to achieve, we would have probably won.

Desperately hoping for a New Zealand victory tomorrow. After that abysmal test series, we need something positive. Also, I imagine it might deflate the Australian sporting ego for a few minutes.
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