December 3rd, 2004

Slane III

I think I shall label today as interesting and leave it at that.

Well, today was an interesting today. They say that doing nothing is exhausting, and apparently that's true. Sometime late this afternoon or early evening, I'm not quite sure when, I lay down on my bed, planning to do some reading, but before I knew it, my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light. Next thing I knew, it was nearly 7:45pm and dark. So I staggered up out of bed, thought for a second that maybe I'm 71 rather than 17, and then realised it's unlikely that the first thing a 71 year old does after waking up at such a time is leap for the oven and make a late dinner of pizza.

Today saw a little dream of mine shattered. I'd seen it coming for a couple of days and that softened the blow considerably, but it still hurt. It looks like I won't be able to go to the opening concert of U2's next tour in Miami as the person I planned to go with can't go, and I really don't think I should go to a concert alone considering how bad my vision is, especially not my first rock gig. There goes the Miami idea, right out the window. So I'm now planning for the Atlanta gig (as I always have) and the show that will be directly before or after it in North Carolina. I'll be in the US for the whole month of March, so I would at least like to attend a number of U2 shows. Not quite sure if I'll be able to, and it will be somewhat dependent upon the tour schedule, but when dates are announced, would anyone (particularly on the US east coast) be willing to host me just for a night or so? All I will require is someone who's going to the show to pick me up from the airport, take me to the concert, and depending on flight times back to where I am staying in Tennessee, either drop me back at the airport or offer me a place to sleep (a couch will do) for the night.

I have nothing else to say today so I am going to use my LJ paid account privileges for the sake of randomness. I thought I'd do a poll of favourite unreleased U2 songs. I've uploaded a selection for those who haven't heard them - listen and vote!

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Poll #396444 Unreleased U2 songs.

Out of the selection provided, what is your favourite unreleased U2 song?

1978 demo - The Fool
1982 demo - Be There
1987-04-25 soundcheck - My Time Hasn't Come
1990 studio sessions - Take You Down
2001-08-06 impromptu live - I Love You
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