November 29th, 2004


There will be even more joy if some genius correctly answers my trivia at the end of the entry.

Alright, so this is odd. I have become positive and optimistic. Collapse )

By the way, I posted some U2 trivia a long time ago and no-one ever managed to answer it. Here it is again, with a hint.

Many people have noted Bono's incorrect count-in at the start of Vertigo (1, 2, 3, 14), but it is not the first time Bono has counted in incorrectly. When was the first time? Hint: 1983. That hint has nothing to do with 40, Two Hearts Beat As One, or any other studio performances on the War album. In fact, if anyone actually manages to answer this trivia, it is a clear indication that they are a U2 completist and have a remarkably good memory.

(Also, if you are thinking of any interesting counting during the second-ever performance of Mothers Of The Disappeared on 25 April 1987, that's not a count-in and thus not the correct answer. None of Bono's counting during live performances of Bullet The Blue Sky counts. [i.e. "This guy comes up to me [...], peeling off those dollar bills, slapping them down. [...] One hundred! Two hundred! Three hundred! Four!" - 27 November 1993. Sorry, not applicable.])
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