November 18th, 2004


You love this music; even if that doesn't ring true ...

OK, this is becoming scary: I appear to have become competent at life. Mum and Alan have gone away for a couple of days, and in the last twenty-four hours, I have;

- Successfully fed myself at all meal times. Alright, so I forgot about breakfast this morning, but I just didn't think about food at all until I got home from school in the late morning (yeah, had to go in for a couple of formalities) and made an early lunch. I say that counts as both breakfast and lunch. Yay brunch.
- Successfully performed all hygienic tasks, including shaving.
- Successfully been motivated enough to clean up some things and not just ignored mess.

What next? I'll tidy all my junk off the pool table? Then the balance of the world really will be upset.

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In the face of all of that garbage on radio, I give you Fast Cars. It's the bonus track on some editions of Hut Dab and it's U2 with a Middle Eastern influence. Damn catchy, too. They've never sounded like this before, though I can't help but be reminded of Love Is Blindness between 2:24-2:41. No-one else has mentioned anything remotely like that, so maybe I'm plain weird and finding a non-existent 'similarity'.
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    'All Because Of You (16 November 2004)' by U2