November 12th, 2004


The allegations are mounting.

The US election conspiracy theorists have struck again. Yep, that's right, apparently the vote was full of irregularities and errors, and maybe Kerry actually won. Damn that Bush, stealing another election! He really was stupid enough to try that trick twice! Uh, before I get too sarcastic, maybe some links to the theories would be nice. Yes. Read all about it at such sites as this one and this one.

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Now, jumping back to my earlier cynical mention of the media ... if you believe what you hear in some tabloid columns, Larry wants to leave U2 to pursue an acting career and in a completely unrelated twist, Bono wants to kill himself. Don't you love the way in which tabloids create completely sensational stories from jokes? You have to wonder where these hacks journalists found their degrees and how it is that these rubbishy rags not worth the paper they're printed on actually stay in business.

It also seems like this is the season to hang up Christmas decorations way too early, be jolly, and ... make typos. I can feel my bad jokes coming already. Be alert and prepared for the Attack of the Lame.
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