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Contradiction is balance. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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October 14th, 2004

Sometimes, criteria sheets require corrections. [14 October 2004|09:11 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |'Where The Streets Have No Name (cover)' by Vanessa Carlton]

I bring you an entry of satire. I am particularly amused by the revised marking matrix.

The grade twelve Modern History assignment. You may notice some errors.Collapse )

The grade twelve Modern History assignment. The errors have now been corrected.Collapse )

That's what a productive study lesson can devolve into.

Other details from today;
- Be a rebel: wear your uniform on a non-uniform day because you want to.
- Goethe was a pretty weird fellow. I can't wait to be done with German, and there's less than a month to go. Yay for university Latin next year.
- Is it just me, or does logic dictate that a school with a heavy focus on Performing Arts would have a really good Battle of the Bands contest? Obviously my school ignores logic's dictates. The Battle of the Bands today was simply dreadful. I still have an awful Blink 182 song stuck in my head. Someone covered a Jet song and it was even worse than the original (if that's possible), some group performed a song they wrote themselves and clearly didn't think it out sufficiently because their singer was completely out of time, and there were some people playing instrumental covers of Nirvana. Now I don't mean to offend any Nirvana fans, but if Kurt Kobain hadn't popped himself off at the height of his fame, no-one would remember who Nirvana were. I find their music to be totally uncreative and boring. I could go on and on about this Battle of the Bands. I sat half the length of the school away, alternating between sucking on an ice cup and holding my head in my hands. There was no escaping the badness.
- People suck at interpreting Revelation. If you aren't familiar with the symbolism of Jewish Apocalyptic literature and/or think this book should be read literally, it might be a good idea to avoid reading much past the third chapter.
- I am intrigued by Vanessa Carlton's cover of Streets. Her voice doesn't really suit the song, but the piano intro is beautiful. It's probably the best cover I've heard of Streets, though considering its untouchable nature, that might not be saying a lot. Rule #1 of performing Streets: ensure your name is one of Bono Vox, The Edge, Adam Clayton, or Larry Mullen Junior and make sure you are in a band with the other three named U2. If you do not fulfill that criteria, do not even think of covering the song.
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