October 3rd, 2004

Mullet II

The unforgettable fire.

Well, it's the last day of my last school holidays ever. For once, I'm looking forward to returning to school because I can quite literally feel that the nightmare is nearly over. The light at the end of the tunnel beckons, and I'm close enough to be able to tell it's not a train coming to run me down. I dodged the train last term. It's amazing that I'm so close to completing high school, and it's a very refreshing thought. I actually feel reflective and contemplative ... I wonder if the last thirteen years have been worth it. I honestly do not feel they have been. A good deal of my skills and talents, I've learnt or taught myself outside of the school environment and it has done little but forced me into a box that makes me horrendously uncomfortable. Natural curiousity is a wonderful teacher, far better than the total bollocks of a curriculum that we have and the shambles that is the classroom environment. Even when you're in a class of people who are supposedly at the same level as you, it still falls to pieces because someone's always going to be ahead of someon else, there will always be the person holding up the class with questions, another person will be finished quickly and will fool around in a disruptive manner, and so on. I honestly do not feel it works, but considering the current state of play, it seems like there is no way around it.

Speaking of the current state of play, I am really tiring of the mainstream media. I barely watch the news any more so I feel horribly behind the times, but I'm not sure just how worth watching it actually is anyway. There's a lot of news made outside of 'the news', and I really don't like the idea of some programming executive deciding what I do and don't want to hear about, or deciding that I am Mister Normal Citizen and want to see some bland, inane 'news' about a traffic jam rather than serious footage of a conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. That sort of thing actually makes me look forward to working in journalism because then I could see what ends up cut from the news and why. I'm afraid of what the reasons might be, though.

What worries me even more is that some people are quite happy to digest this 'news' marketed at them night after night, and they seriously think it is the most major news and there's nothing else happening in the world. I also suspect they don't even realise news is being marketed to them. I don't like the idea of news being marketed. It SHOULDN'T be marketed. News is meant to be informative, not entertaining; it's meant to be real, not exaggerated or sensationalised. Today's society has seriously distorted the idea of news and we're now fed what we're told we should be interested in, not what is actually happening. The media is amazingly powerful and a lot of people fail to realise that. A lot of people just soak it in without thinking. I am very cynical about the intelligence of the average person, though what scares me is that very often, my cynicism doesn't go quite far enough.

Hm. Sigh. It's sad.

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