September 27th, 2004

Beach ball

The wonders of doing work.

Today's been one of those days when I actually haven't minded doing significant quantities of work, partly because I've summoned up some motivation, partly because I'm paranoid I won't get my work done by Friday, and mainly because today's the last day of my not-trip to Melbourne and when Mum gets home, I better have more than just a Vertigo MP3 to offer as the highly valid reason why I stayed on the Gold Coast. I've somehow managed to go from a barely begun Geography assignment to an approaching-completion Geography assignment in the last few hours, and my SOR assignment's getting there. It's amazing what a little fear will do for you. People, don't underestimate fear. It can kick your procrastination powers to the floor, at least for an afternoon.

That reminds me of something we discussed a while ago in SOR, actually. The difference between fear and terror, and how fear is founded in respect. I still can't explain it. I'm not sure it even makes sense in my mind. My mind has been jumping all over the show today, making all sorts of connections that aren't there, ignoring the connections that are there, and generally not being as orderly as I'd like it to be. So please, O Mind Of Mine, calm yourself down. Or maybe don't, because thanks to this random nature, I've made some wonderful connections on my assignments that have essentially saved my hind end. I think I probably should be trying to write some poetry now rather than writing this entry, but oh well.

One thing I think a lot of people don't realise is that work can actually be fulfilling. It's something I fiercely rebel against. Collapse )

Whatever the case, don't worry, I still acknowledge that LJ is life.
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