September 23rd, 2004

Amak Axver

The day before Vertigo.

I greatly approve of the new format of the update journal page. Very nice.

Anyone want a Gmail account? I have five spare invites, so feel free to claim one. Yes, if more than five people ask for one while I'm asleep tonight, I am going to be selective.

I think I'm on a mission to destroy my headphones and anything they come in contact with. The padding on both earpiecess is falling off, the adjustable strap over my head is held on with a piece of cellotape, and I keep sitting on them. Not to mention the fact that a couple of days ago, I shattered I glass by knocking it off my desk with the headphone cable onto my tiled floor. Brilliance, I know. They better still be working tomorrow so that I can crank Vertigo!

Here's some timezones to help all of you out when it comes to actually hearing Vertigo.

Dave Fanning has the world premiere on his show (listen online at RTE 2FM's website). His show runs from 6:00 to 7:30pm 23/09 GMT and it will likely be played early in the show. That time is 3:00-4:30am 24/09 Australian eastern time and 1:00-2:30pm 23/09 US eastern time. Furthermore, Melbourne radio station Nova 100.3FM say they will play it at 8:30am 24/09 Australian eastern time, which is 6:30pm US eastern time. You can listen on their website and I'll be recording from there. I am hoping to be up for Fanning's show, though there are two problems - firstly, I can't get the RTE feed to work, and secondly, even if I do, the success may be useless because there are rumours the feed will be blacked out. These rumours do not appear to be credible because they mention a phone reviews promotion that is NOT mentioned anywhere, but ... the idea of a black-out does seem to be credible. Sigh. Hopefully someone in Ireland will swiftly get us copies; otherwise, Nova will have to satisfy all U2 fans (and by the sounds of things, it will be the first time they've ever played decent music).

I'm also starting to get really sick of Time magazine and I'm contemplating not renewing my subscription when it expires. The journalism isn't as good as it used to be, for better or worse it's Americentric (I'd rather read something with a broad and international focus), some of the ads are plain awful, and some of the articles are just plain crap. Though some other articles are actually rather interesting, despite the fact more important news is being made out there. I found this week's article about a 'Muslims Only' day at a theme park to be a fascinating read. I'm all for meetings of people connected via religion, interests, hobbies, and such, but sometimes I wonder if events like these only emphasis divisions that really don't exist. A lot of movements in the past have done that ... they claim to strive for equality or compensation or what-have-you, but sometimes they end up doing little more than reinforcing a difference that actually does not exist. It's sad, really. I've never really seen what was wrong with acknowledging each person as human and leaving it at that.

Hopefully, within twelve hours, I will be listening to Vertigo. Watch out for extreme insanity very soon. It should be fun.
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