September 21st, 2004

Amak Axver

Want a copy of Vertigo as soon as possible?

Achtung U2 fans desperate to hear Vertigo!

As you know, 24 September - THIS FRIDAY! 3 SLEEPS AWAY! - is the release date of Vertigo to radio. I will be recording it off an online radio stream. The second I record or receive a copy, I will e-mail it to any LJ friend of mine who wants it. All you have to do is leave your e-mail address, and it must be capable of holding large files (please no Hotmail or MSN addresses!). I know I've told a couple of people already I would e-mail them or send it over AIM, but I'd like to have all addresses here, in one location, if you don't mind aiding my organisation. I will first be sending out via e-mail, so it would be quicker to have me e-mail you than send it via AIM.

Also, because I'm technologically stupid, could someone a bit more wise to the way of the Internet just confirm something for me - sending an e-mail to, say, twenty recipients will take the same time as simply sending it to one recipient, won't it? If not, I'll just organise a few tree branches and you'll have to co-operate to spread the Vertigo love.

Oh, and if you are capable of recording, head on over Operation Fafervof Otiyaita on Interference and claim an Australian or Kiwi online radio feed to record from on the morning of 24 September (or afternoon of 23 September in the US). I'll be recording from 91ZM in NZ.

--- Regular entry now ---

U2 have made a song called Miracle Drug, and now I've found my own miracle drug. I had to say that. Elidel is the most amazing thing ever - if you have eczema, get your hands on it now. But you want to know what pisses me off? This has been around for a YEAR but it was only just released, and now the government won't even subside it! With a subsidy, it would cost $3-4. Without, it costs SEVENTY-ONE DOLLARS. It's incredible stuff so it's worth that price, but DAMN THE GOVERNMENT. The doctor says that in one year, they'll subsidise it, BUT NOT NOW. Bastards. I feel ripped off. But I always feel ripped off and cheated by the government. Just because I'm not freakin' legally blind, I can't get a thing out of them for my vision. Well I still can't drive! I'd rather be legally blind, thankyouverymuch.

That was my anti-government rant for the day.

I'm now very seriously thinking about heading off and doing some work. That's much better than saying I'll do it but instead staying on Interference, I think.
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